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Join us as we welcome over 80 invited presentations (workshops, demonstrations, roundtable dialogues, papers) representing 13 countries including Ireland, Philippines, Finland, UK, Russia, Norway, Singapore, Estonia, Spain, Latvia, Slovenia, USA, and Canada.

The ‘Senior Church Choir’: Community, old age, illness, and identity

ABRAMS, SOPHIA , Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Questioning the benevolent monarch: The political economy of a university-community choir

ADLER, ADAM , Nipissing University, Canada

Marketing to reach an international audience

ADLERS, LAURA , International Arts Management Consultant, Canada

Development of an evaluation tool identifying subtle changes in tone production of trained singers

ATKINS, REBECCA , University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, United States

Pedagogy of presence: Finding the ‘space of appearance’ in song

BENEDICT, CATHY , Western University, Canada

Investigating the relationship between musical abilities and language skills in four-year-old children

BENOIT, ARYN , St. Francis Xavier University, Canada

Singing my way back to you: A restorative intergenerational choral curriculum for singing elders with Alzheimer’s Disease and adolescents

BEYNON, CAROL , Western University, & JENNIFER HUTCHISON , University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Responses to Irishness: Contemporary choral composers and Irish musical identity

BLUNNIE, ROÍSÍN , Dublin City University, & ORLA FLANAGAN , Trinity College, Ireland

The impact of singing on language development in four-year-old children

BRINDSON-PATEMAN, CAITLIN , St. Francis Xavier University, Canada

Vocal ecosystems: How do we really improvise in vocal jazz?

BROWN, JERI, Concordia University, Canada

The serious business of singing: Stakeholder valuation and subsidy of community choral performance

BROWN, NATALYA & ADAM ADLER , Nipissing University, Canada

Singing with gesture: Perceptual and acoustic measures of solo singing with conductor-prescribed arm movements

BRUNKAN, MELISSA , Louisiana State University, United States

Singing and song: A biophysical and evolutionary perspective

CAMERON, DIANNE , Laurentian University, Canada

Engaging with songs: Transforming singing in the Singapore music classroom

CHEW, REBECCA Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts, & HUI-PING HO , Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts, Singapore

A roundtable dialogue: Framing values and possibilities related to singing and song

CLETHERO, SARA , University of West London, United Kingdom

The effects of three warm-up procedures on the acoustic and perceptual measures of choral sound

COOK-CUNNINGHAM, SHERI , University of Central Arkansas & MELISSA J. GRADY , Voldasta State University, United States

Coloring outside the lines: Collaboration and cohesive aesthetics between the choral ensemble and private voice studio

CRUSE, CAROLYN S & GREGORY BROOKES , Texas Tech University, United States

Pubertal changing voices: Making connections between research-based knowledge and pedagogical best practice in group singing contexts

DAUGHERTY, JAMES , University of Kansas, United States

Why am I crying? Analyses of reactions to the audition performance by Only Boys Aloud for Britain’s Got Talent

DAUGHERTY, JAMES , University of Kansas, United States

Singing James Joyce’s Chamber Music

DAVENPORT, SUSAN , Southern Illinois University, United States

Determining and enhancing the competencies of school-based choir conductors through a capability-building program

DISPO, GILBERT ALLAN N. , Saint Louis University, Philippines

Transformative listening

DOLAN, MARIAN , Conductor, United States

“Tant que durera l’automne”: Text-music relationships in Correspondances by Henri Dutilleux

DUCHARME, TROY , Western University, Canada

Singer rehab! Investigating university-level voice student psychological wellness

EDWARDS, DARRYL , University of Toronto, Canada

Norwegian stev as accentual poetry: The irregular rhythm, yet predictable two-pulse accent pattern may reveal old Norse roots

EKGREN, JACQUELINE PATTISON , Ekgren Musikkinstitutt, Norway

Norwegian stev text and tune relationships: Millennium-old vocal tradition as accentual poetry

EKGREN, JACQUELINE PATTISON , Ekgren Musikkinstitutt, Norway

Working toward self-sustaining energy in artistic singing

FAGNAN, LAURIER , University of Alberta, Canada

Removing barriers from choral singing


Mapping stories, mapping selves: A geography of music in St. John’s, Newfoundland

GALWAY, KIERA , University of Toronto, Canada

Texted and “un-texted” music: A discussion of accentual fields in vocal music

GARCIA-NOVELLI, EDUARDO , Carthage College, United States

Building healthy, vibrant community and school choir relationships

GATHERALL, BRENDA, St. Bonaventure’s College, & KELLIE WALSH, Shallaway – Newfoundland and Labrador Youth in Chorus, Canada

Play-party songs: A snapshot of folk singing in American history

GLEN, NANCY L. , University of Northern Colorado, United States

Building supportive networks through singing: The therapeutic choir in palliative care

GOSINE, C. JANE , Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Sparks & Wiry Cries: A global platform for art song

GUTH, MARTHA , Artist, & ERIKA SWITZER , Bard College, United States

Discovering the Hero’s journey in Die schöne Magelone (Opus 33, 1869) as created by Ludwig Tieck and Johannes Brahms

HEITZINGER, ROBERT , Northeastern Illinois University, United States

Incorporating fatigue-resistance principles into vocal warm-ups for singers as a means to injury prevention

HOCH, MATTHEW , Auburn University, United States

Sight-reading with new eyes: Looking at singers’ sight-reading strategies through the lens of cognitive science and audiation

HOUGHTON, SARAH , Boston University, United States

How my dog taught me to sing… better!

HRYNKIW, PATRICIA , University of Calgary, Canada

Raising our voices: Singing together to promote community and foster positive well-being

HURST, KATRYN , Queen’s University, Canada

Professional singers’ way of German language pronunciation in the song cycle Frauenliebe und Leben

JOKELA, NINA , University of Oulu, Finland

Self identity in African American song

JUNDA, MARY ELLEN & ROBERT W. STEPHENS , University of Connecticut, United States

All those words! Accounting for singers’ memory

KATZ, JOEL , York University and Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada

The full circle of human sung expression: An approach to the democratization of singing

KNIGHT, SUSAN , Growing the Voices: Festival 500, Canada

On “the music of the Universe”


The American Choral Directors Association—sixty years of leadership in choral music education and performance: A content analysis of performing choirs and interest sessions at ACDA National Conferences (1960–2015)

LATIMER, MARVIN E. , University of Alabama, United States

Cinco Canciones Negras: The Afro-Caribbean presence in the songs of Xavier Montsalvatge

LEE, CHRISTY , Maryville College, United States

Interpreting folk humor and wisdom, Estonian style: Lepo Sumera’s vocal cycle as a window to the language and tradition.

LENTSNER, DINA , Capital University, United States & SAALE KONSAP , Estonia

Adapting informal modes of learning and teaching traditional Celtic singing to formal learning contexts

MACISAAC, ELLEN , Carleton University, Canada

The portrayal of Canadian mational identity in Srul Irving Glick’s song cycle, South of North, Images of Canada

MACRAE, CHRISTOPHER , University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Canada

Dosimeter sound level measurements with singers in music school practice rooms

MARTIN, ALAN J. , University of Kansas, United States

Interactional narratives: The power of songs, people and community

MCLENNAN, ROB , Stella’s Circle, CAROLYN CHONG , Memorial University of Newfoundland, and HELEN MURPHY , Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir, Canada

Voices for change: Exploring youth self-expression and inclusion in community choir models

PAULS, CHARLENE & SARAH MORRISON , The Oakville Children’s Choir, Canada

Communing chorally: Singing & well-being on university campuses

RENSINK-HALL, RACHEL , McMaster University, Canada

Venanzio Rauzzini and the reconciliation of British and Italian song traditions

RICE, PAUL F. , Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Reflections of Canada: Singing, culture and the use of authentic Canadian folk materials in Canadian music classrooms

RIES, ARDELLE , University of Alberta, & KIM EYRE , Nipissing University, Canada

Inspired performance and purposeful pedagogy: Exploring the potential impact of Communities of Practice within Faculties of Music

ROBBINS, CATHERINE , MEL BRAUN , and LAURA LOEWEN , University of Manitoba, Canada

The effect of singer head position on listener preferences of vocal timbre

ROLLINGS, AMELIA , Western Kentucky University, United States

Choral music and repertoire of Ireland: Defining the Irish nationalists

ROSSOW, STACIE LEE , Florida Atlantic University, United States

The choral music of Jeff Enns

ROSTE, VAUGHN , Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne, United States

Off the beaten path: Undiscovered gems from Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL)

ROSTE, VAUGHN , Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne, United States

Voice shame: Self-censorship in vocal performance

SCHEI, TIRI B. , Bergen University College, & EDVIN SCHEI , University of Bergen, Norway

Acoustic characteristics of Xucurú vocal music

SCOTT, S. THOMAS , University of Kansas, United States

The university voice studio and choral ensemble: A modern model for successful partnerships

STEGALL, JAMES & TERRY CHASTEEN , Western Illinois University, United States

All voices welcome: Reflections after two years leading improvising choirs

TONELLI, CHRIS , Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Exploring cultural diversity in contemporary Christian liturgical worship

TRAICHEVICH, LINDSAY , Port Stanley United Church, Canada

Gesture, embodied cognition, and emotion: Comparing Hindustani vocal Gharanas in performance

UTTER, HANS , Independent Scholar, United States

Singing in primary music classes: The uncontested master of music learning

VAILLANCOURT, JOSEE , Université Laval, Canada

Say [a]: An “ears-on” exploration in achieving choral blend

WHITE, JAY , Kent State University, United States

The choral experience: A school-wide phenomenon

WICHA, ANDREA , Elementary Music and Choral Specialist, Canada

A reception history of William Grant Still’s lynching drama, And They Lynched Him on a Tree

ZACKERY, HARLAN , Jackson State University, United States

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