International Circle of Advisors


The Singing Network gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support and collaboration of the members of our International Circle of Advisors.

Bob Chilcott (UK)

  • Choral Conductor, Composer
  • Oxford University Press

Stephen Clift (UK)

  • Public Health Specialist
  • Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health

Ana Patricia Carbajal Córdova (Mexico)

  • Choral Conductor, Broadcaster, Cultural Promoter
  • Voce in tempore

James Daugherty (USA)

  • Choral Conductor, Professor Emeritus
  • University of Kansas

Marian Dolan (USA)

  • Choral Conductor, Scholar
  • The Choir Project

Oscar Escalada (Argentina)

  • Professor, Composer, Conductor
  • Asociación Argentina para la Música Coral “America Cantat” (AAMCANT)

Naomi Faran (Israel)

  • Choral Conductor
  • Moran Choirs

John Fitzpatrick (Ireland)

  • Festival Director
  • Cork International Choral Festival

Niels Græsholm (Denmark)

  • Professor, Conductor, Music School Consultant
  • University of Copenhagen

Sonja Greiner (Germany)

  • Executive Director, Cultural Promoter
  • European Choral Association – Europa Cantat

Kedmon Mapana (Tanzania)

  • Ethnomusicologist
  • University of Dar es Salaam

María Elina Mayorga (Argentina)

  • Choral Conductor, Professor
  • Universidad Nacional de San Juan

Scott McCoy (USA)

  • Singer, Voice Pedagogue
  • The Ohio State University

Sandra Milliken (Australia)

  • Composer, Choral Conductor
  • Edition Peters

Gábor Móczár (Hungary)

  • Choral Arts Administrator
  • International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM)

Maggie Nicols (Wales)

  • Free-Jazz and Improvising Vocalist, Dancer, Performer

Tom Power (Canada)

  • Broadcaster, Folk Musician
  • CBC Radio q and CBC TV What’re you at? with Tom Power

André de Quadros (USA/India)

  • Choral Conductor, Ethnomusicologist, Music Educator
  • Boston University

Rajaton (Finland)

  • Vocal Ensemble

John Rosser (New Zealand)

  • Choral Conductor, Arts Director
  • Viva Voce, New Zealand Choral Federation

Rena Sharon (Canada)

  • Collaborative Pianist, Professor
  • University of British Columbia

Tim Sharp (USA)

  • Choral Conductor, Composer, Choral Arts Administrator
  • Manhattan Concert Productions

Fred Sjöberg (Sweden)

  • Choral Conductor
  • Swedish International Choral Center Örebro
  • Örebro Chamber Choir

Aida Swenson† (Indonesia)

  • Choral Conductor
  • Indonesian Children and Youth Choirs – Cordana

Barkev Taslakian (Lebanon)

  • Choral Conductor
  • Fayha Choir

Jacques Vanherle† (France)

  • Choral Arts Administrator
  • Polyfollia Festival, Lebanese International Choir Festival

Jonathan Velasco (Philippines)

  • Choral Conductor
  • Ateneo Chamber Singers

Lee Willingham (Canada)

  • Choral Conductor, Professor
  • Wilfrid Laurier University

Video: Messages of congratulations from some of our Advisors for the Official Launch of The Singing Network – April 7, 2015.

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