EXchange! 2022 Presentations and Presenters


Join us as international scholars and practitioners from 17 countries (Armenia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK, USA) share their latest research and practice. In addition to papers and lecture-demonstrations, the EXchange! will feature an international IFCM panel exploring current and future global initiatives related to choral singing in the context of IFCM’s 40th anniversary celebrations.



Singing Traditions in Portugal: Cante Alentejano from Alentejo
António Caixeiro and Grupo Coral Bafos de Baco (Cuba, Portugal)

Quo vadis IFCM?
IFCM 40th Anniversary Panel María Guinand (Venezuela), moderator
Panel: Emily Kuo (Portugal), Noël Minet (Belgium), Jutta Tagger (France), Sonja Greiner (Germany), Jean-Claude Wilkens (France), Yoshi Egawa (Japan), Thierry Thiébaut (France), Burak Onur Erdem (Turkey), Victoria Liedbergius (Norway), John Rosser (New Zealand)

Window to the World: Five Music Rights in Action
Silja Fischer , Secretary General – International Music Council (France)

To the future…
The Singing Network with Sonja Greiner (Germany) and Jan Schumacher (Germany)
Cameo Performance: Shallaway Youth Choir (Canada)


Sing Me In – Using collective singing as a tool for the inclusion of (young) migrants
Roula Abou Baker (Lebanon), Burak Onur Erdem (Turkey), Sonja Greiner (Germany), Victoria Liedbergius (Norway), European Choral Association-Europa Cantat

Seniors – the stars of the show
Lucia Bérešová, Independent Scholar (Spain)

The use of trauma-informed community music practice in enabling narrative through song writing
Catherine Birch, York St John University (UK)

Why do people sing in choirs? An international study of motivation to participate in choirs
Kerry Boyle, Canterbury Christ Church University (UK)

21st-century state of the art tools that work in the choral setting
Karen Brunssen, Northwestern University, and Allen Henderson, National Association of Teachers of Singing (USA)

Changing our tune: Exploring collaborative songwriting with choirs to support participant wellbeing
Darrell Christie, Queen’s University (Canada)

Voice and autism: Building community after the pandemic
Sara Clethero, Opera Mint (UK)

Singing our stories: Building community and developing self-empowerment through group singing
Laura Curtis, Western University (Canada)

‘I am because you are’: A critical reflection on composing choral music to promote social inclusion for asylum seekers in Ireland
Seán Doherty, Dublin City University (Ireland)

Unveiling the mystery: Understanding Arabic choral music for the Western choral conductor
Cari Earnhart, California State University, Fresno (USA)

Developing deeper understandings about reciprocal collaboration amongst Indigenous peoples, their musics, and settlers
Deantha Edmunds, Indigenous soprano and composer, and Kellie Walsh, Shallaway Youth Choir (Canada)

Jewels of microtonal singing
Burak Onur Erdem, Turkish State Choir (Turkey)

Musicianship lessons for choral singers using a jazz masterwork
Eva Floyd, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (USA)

The ageing voice: Challenges, methods, and potential
Garry Froese, Independent Scholar (Canada)

Texted and ‘untexted’ music: An accentual challenge
Eduardo García-Novelli, University of Kansas (USA)

More Canadian, eh!
Catherine Glaser-Climie, Cantare Children’s Choir (Canada)

SHIFT culture – How to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Sonja Greiner, European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (Germany)

World Youth Choir and its role in building a healthy choral ecosystem
Stéphane Grosclaude (France), Victoria Liedbergius (Norway), Ki Adams (Canada)

New collaborative commissioning ideas
Laura Hawley, Sonic Timelapse Project (Canada)

Cultivating confidence in secondary and collegiate treble voices: Identity, inclusion, and empowerment

Elizabeth Hearn, University of Mississippi, and Alicia Canterbury, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (USA)

Promoting a perfect partnership: Choral directors and voice teachers
Allen Henderson, National Association of Teachers of Singing and Karen Brunssen, Northwestern University (USA)

Choral singing in prisons: Building artistry, changing lives
Jamie Hillman, University of Toronto (Canada) and André de Quadros, Boston University (USA)

Introducing American jazz to your choral ensembles
Joy Hirokawa, Bel Canto Youth Chorus of the Bach Choir of Bethlehem (USA)

Reconciling vocal terminology: Finding common ground and synergy between choral directors, teachers of singing, and the profession at large
Matthew Hoch, Auburn University (USA)

Singing the gesture
Bruce Kotowich, University of Windsor, (Canada) and Brett Scott, College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati (USA)

The write stuff: Incorporating composition and improvisation into the choral rehearsal
Jami Lercher, Baldwin Wallace University (USA)

Armenian sacred music: Its origin and development
Gohar Manvelyan, McGill University (Canada)

Vocal games with MAZE Voices singers
Merel Martens, MAZE Voices (Netherlands)

Are you a singer? Social identity, self-efficacy, and student beliefs about singing
Diane Murray-Charrett, University of Toronto (Canada)

How to “Sing a song of six ways of doing it differently”
Riikka Pietilainen-Caffrey, Bunker Hill Community College (USA)

Choreographed sound – Combining the arts: An immersive choir & theatre performance “Lullaby, stranger”
Salome Rebello, Shapeshift Collective (India)

The influence of sean-nós on the choral music of Ireland
Stacie Rossow, Florida Atlantic University (USA)

Creation in the choral rehearsal
Brett Scott, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and Krista Cornish Scott, Heri et Hodie (USA)

Building non-traditional choral communities
Kym Scott, West Virginia University (USA)

Building a concert program with the help of online choral resources: The Musica project
Jean Sturm, Musica International (France)

About Gong, Ai, Na: Influences of gamelan and kulintang in Southeast Asian choral works
Yu Hang Tan, University of Southern California (USA)

Collaboration to create community
Cheryl Whitney, Westminster Choir College Rider University (USA)

CIRCLES: Exploring the feeling of togetherness through voice, movement, and collective intelligence
Amir Shpilman, Composer (Germany)

To feel or not to feel: Teaching musical expression through vocal technique
Brian Winnie, Western Illinois University (USA)

Creative mastery with a Swiss pedagogue: Applying Pestalozzi’s education principles to choral pedagogy
Michael Zaugg, Pro Coro Canada (Canada)

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