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The Singing Network Calendar offers a comprehensive listing of the network’s events and important dates. It provides a space for listing any local/provincial events related to singing and song as well as national/international events and deadlines. Events include concerts, performances, conferences, workshops, lectures, meetings, academic deadlines, webinars, and more. In order to serve the musical community on the Avalon Peninsula, the calendar will also list local, non-singing musical events (e.g., Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, Music @ Memorial, Eastern Wind Ensemble). The goal of The Singing Network Calendar is to provide a one-stop overview of all singing events and activities  on the Avalon Peninsula….to provide both planning and advertising support.

The Singing Network will publish its own events but it will be up to other organizations and groups to populate the calendar by publishing their events. Requests to list events should be submitted through the Calendar Submission Form. Events will be reviewed, edited, and added to the calendar at the discretion of the calendar editor and administrators. Personal events and solicitations will not be posted.

Events will be posted to The Singing Network Calendar within 5 days of submission. If you need to change information associated with a submitted event (update, cancellation, sell-out), please email with your requested updates.

Calendar Submission Guidelines

  • Required details:
    • Event title (10 words or less)
    • Event description (maximum 50 words)
    • Event date (start date and end date, if applicable)
    • Event time (start time and end time, if applicable)
    • Event location, including address and specific room number (if applicable)
    • Event cost (if applicable). Include ticket price and where to purchase them.
    • Event registration (if applicable). Include instructions on how to register.
    • Event website link, especially if website has more information about the event.
    • Contact name, phone number or email
  • Check spelling carefully.
  • If using acronyms (e.g., NSO, MCSIC, MUN), make sure they are spelled out somewhere in the description.
  • If an event description has a lot of text, break it up with paragraph breaks.
  • Check website links to make sure they are working.

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